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  • TOP FIVE: Portable Low-Carb Snacks


    Snacking. One of life’s greatest pleasures and my longest running hobby. Also the easiest way for sugar to sneak it’s way into my mouth, undoing all my hard work at eating a balanced diet. The best way to avoid snack sabotage is to ensure healthy options are on hand. Seems obvious right? However, unless you’re super organised […]

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  • An Isle of Skye Elopement

    Isle of Skye Elopement

    Earlier this month, Mischa and I flew to Scotland for a sneaky little elopement ceremony in the Isle of Skye. I’m sure anyone who’s planned a wedding has harboured fantasies of tearing up their plans and eloping instead. Once we decided just to go for it, everything fell into place and it was completely stress-free.